Oral Histories Project

These are the recordings and videos of stories of the Constantia community told by former residents who were forcibly removed during the Forced Removals Act, during Apartied.

The Oral Histories Project is the foundation upon which CHEP’s work is built. Committee members (who are themselves either former community members or current Constantia residents and their family) engage in interviews with former residents. With permission, CHEP records the stories that individuals would like to be preserved for future generations.

The person interviewed may request for their story to be recorded anonymously or under a pseudonym. The oral history is done through unstructured interviews and ‘gesels’ (discussion) sessions, where a group of people will come together to reflect on their past and present experiences in the form of a conversation.

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In December 2017 we visited the home of Mr Jannie Bowman, age 91, for our first oral interview. Jannie had been present at a few of our founding community meetings and was always eager to stand up and tell us something about Constantia. When we arrived at his home he...

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On Saturday the 21 July, CHEP held its first art journaling workshop led by one of the committee members, Julia Grey. It was a group of seven women of all ages, from various walks of life, but joined in their shared connection to the area of Constantia.

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On the 23rd June 2018 CHEP shall host a Community Meeting. The community meetings are a way in which to involve the public in the work of the organisation, as we are set up as a public-benefit organisation. The meeting agenda will include:...

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On Heritage Day 24 September 2016 The Constantia Heritage and Education Project hosted a memorial walk down Strawberry Lane.

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