The Constantia Heritage and Education Project (CHEP) was founded in December 2017 but has been operating on an ad-hoc basis since September 24th 2016, National Heritage Day. It Began with a spontaneous memory walk initiated by a group of former residents of Constantia who were victims of forced removals under the Apartied Regime.

It seeks to ensure that we will not only remember those stories, but preserve them in our own words so that they can be experienced by those future generation who do not know their people’s history. We create this organisation so that the lives of those who worked the land, built the mosques, churches and schools are not erased off the landscape in the same way that the homes which housed them have been.

We aim to ensure that we build and maintain an honest and meaningful conversation with those who live in the Constantia Valley now, so that our children view each other as fellow citizens and so that we find new ways in which to heal our broken past.

Today we are building on initiatives taken by others before us, as we seek to build for a future where the dignity of each person matters and is celebrated.